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Pirelli Tyres

Straight from the country of design and arts, Pirelli tyres are known for their awe-capturing tread and tyre designs. The tyres are crafted with perfection for drivers who are passionate about vehicles. Since its establishment in Milan, Italy, Pirelli tyres have become one of the best in the market. The company stands tall with its innovation and research in the tyre industry. We, at Harrow Budget Tyres, have a collection of a fantastic collection of Pirelli tyres Harrow that would perform exceptionally on the roads of the United Kingdom.

Our team of experts are always at your disposal to assist you with your purchase. We believe in customer satisfaction. Therefore, our customer care executives will try to resolve your queries every time you give us a call. A question that might you might ponder upon is “why should I buy a Pirelli tyre?”.

To provide you with a convincing answer, we offer the following points:

Pirelli is a company that is inclined towards the better ways of manufacturing tyres. Hence, it invests around 6% of its total revenue into research and development. There are about 1,900 personnel that work tirelessly at the research facilities situated in 12 different countries. Pirelli has acquired more than 6,500 patents since its inception.

Pirelli is one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world. It has manufactured and sold over 75 million tyres in the year 2018. The tyres manufactured at Pirelli pass through a series of checks. We believe this is the secret behind the delivery of high-quality products.

The company has around 19 production facilities around the world in which more than 31,000 employees are working. This might be one of the reasons behind Pirelli’s substantial progress.

Pirelli has been a part of numerous car events. It has also supplied tyres for more than 460 motorsport events. Since 2011, it has also become the exclusive brand for supplying tyres to Formula One races.

Pirelli has brilliant customer care services. It has established a large amount of customer care centres in more than 160 countries. Their team of customer care executives will take care of each of your query whenever you call them up.

The company has an experience of more than a century of hard work. It has made Pirelli the brand it is today. In case you want to buy high-quality Pirelli tyres Harrow, then book them online on our website. We, at Harrow Budget Tyres, have a wide range of high-quality Pirelli tyres that will be ideal for the road conditions in Harrow. To know more about our services, don't forget to give us a call.

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