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Bridgestone Tyres

    The year 1931 witnessed a revolutionary event in the history of the tyre industry. It is the year when Shojiro Ishibashi set foot in the tyre industry and changed it completely. Shojiro founded the “Bridgestone” company, which he named after himself. The name is a translation of his name in English, which means “a stone bridge.” His clever nature and wise mind helped him twist this and come up with a name that would soon be known as a giant in the industry.

    True to its name, Bridgestone acted as a bridge between the traditional techniques and performance expectations of customers. Their tyres are known for providing excellent safety and also have a low rolling resistance; this results in excellent fuel efficiency. Since its establishment in 1931, the company has successfully spread its name across the globe and is known to have a reach of over 150 countries. The employee count of the company recently touched 150k, that are spread across the 180 research facilities that are established in 24 countries all over the world.

    Their tag-line “Your Journey, Our Passion” is something that we, at Harrow Budget Tyres, keep in our minds as well. We keep in mind the safety of our customers while we provide them with any product. Anything less than OE-quality is regarded as inefficient and thus not provided at our garage. We have one of the widest collections of Bridgestone tyres that are ready to be yours any day.

    Why Bridgestone?

    Bridgestone stands tall even after these many years in the industry and its products stand unrivalled as well.

    The company is at the apex of the industry due to its habit of prioritising customers. This is something that many companies forget while making their way to a profitable business. Bridgestone, however, focuses on bringing out the best possible performance and aim at creating better products than better profits.

    The ability to work while keeping the future in mind is a unique aspect of the company and till date, it stands unrivalled. They always plan and keep themselves a step ahead of the industry in both aspects- quality and technology. They credit their Research and Development teams, that are spread over 24 countries and across 180 centres, for this success and efficiency.

    Bridgestone has also been a name in the industry due to the numerous events it has sponsored. Some of their chief accomplishments in the racing championships and events are:

    Bridgestone has been named the official partner for 2024 Olympics.

    Bridgestone tyres were the suppliers for McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari teams and have won 7 F1 Drivers’ Championships and Constructors’ Championships.

    Bridgestone tyres are one of the most reliable brands that we sell at our garage. We, at Harrow Budget Tyres, have similar ideas like that of Bridgestone and aim to gain the trust of our customers more than selling our products. A loyal customer is a greater asset for us than a good one-time deal.

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