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Firestone Tyres

It was at a race event in the 1890s when the founder of Firestone tyres, Harvey Firestone took his buggy and won the event with a significant difference. It was then when he developed the appetite of being the best in the manufacturing of tyres. It is a long history of more than a century between inception and success of Firestone tyres. We, here at Harrow Budget Tyres, believe in the fairytale of Firestone that has turned into reality. Therefore, our stock contains a range of the top models from Firestone tyres Harrow that will help you in maintaining great performance and safety on the roads of the UK.

Firestone tyres have become the benchmark for non-skid tyres and that is how they have made their way among the top brands in the market. Like its merger company Bridgestone, Firestone is a customer inclined company that believes the only way to build a name for yourself is creating value for your customers. Whenever you call a Firestone customer care centre, you will immediately know what we mean by a ‘customer inclined company’.

The company has a dedicated team of experts that give their all to help the drivers that use Firestone tyres. It is to be noted that our team has made the tyres in a manner that they fill the drivers with adrenaline and instill confidence in them.

Racing is in the DNA of Firestone, and that is what they are focussed on. It has sponsored many of the racing events that happen around the globe.

Firestone tyres have a global presence in almost all of the countries. They have started small but have grown into a company that is known by nearly everyone in the industry. The company has numerous manufacturing facilities that help it to produce a large number of superb tyres in a year.

They are not only known for their excellent high performing tyres but also provide a range of winter tyres that offer exceptional traction on the roads of the UK. Firestone Winterhawk 3 is a fantastic induction in the already alluring collection of winter tyres that Firestone has to offer. They have low wearing and excellent tread pattern.

If you are looking for a place to buy Firestone tyres that are in great shape, then don't forget to check out our collection of high-quality Firestone tyres Harrow, here at Harrow Budget Tyres. We also provide timely discounts, so make sure that you don't miss it. To know more, don't forget to give us a call.

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