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Are you looking for Oil Change for your vehicle?


We all know how to maintain tyres, windshield, wipers, etc. But what about the internals of your engine, and the cooling system of your vehicle? How do you enhance the performance of the system? Our experts here, at Harrow Budget Tyres, want to tell our customers that, though neglected, oil plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the engine. If you are looking for oil change Harrow, don't just wander around to settle for adulterated oil present in the market; come to us for a genuine and pure oil change.

Why do you need oil for your engines and refrigerators?

The experts at our garage want to inform you that the engine needs fluid to run through it to cool it down and prevent the breaking down of the engine. Engine oil is made of a compound that has the capability of cooling the engine down to the average functioning temperature.

On the other hand, coolants of your car’s air conditioning system cool the air that is being blown into the passenger's compartment.

Why do you need oil and coolant change?

It is recommended by the technicians and the owner’s manual of your car that you should change the oil in your vehicle after every six months. The main reason for this is that the oil of your car breaks down because of the constant exposure to the heat in the engine, after prologued usage. The oil also gets contaminated with the metal shavings that further decrease the efficacy of the oil, and hence, they need regular replacement.

The oil not only helps in the transfer and dissipation of the heat from the engine but also prevents the abrasion and wearing of the parts of the engine. Correct oil ensures the life of the engine and its components in your car.

You cannot just pour the newly purchased oil into the engine with the already existing old one. Doing this will ruin the fresh one as well. You will need to replace the oil entirely with the new one. Before pouring the new oil into your car, you will have to make sure that the engine is thoroughly cleaned of the contaminated oil.

Another way to increase the effective duration of the fresh oil is that you get your oil filters changed along with the replacement of the oils.

In case you are ready for the oil change of your car, bring it to us, here at Harrow Budget Tyres. We believe in maintaining the quality of oil and hence, make sure that they are not contaminated with any impurity that may decrease their lifespan. For more information on oil change, don't forget to give us a call. You can also book your service online and choose the date and time for oil change Harrow as per your schedule.

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