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What is it, that you blame the most when something goes wrong in your car? The main culprit in many of the failing performances in your vehicle is its tyres. The tyres, being one of the most crucial components in your car, are the only thing that maintains the contact of the vehicle with the road. When you are worried about your tyres, don't be; just bring your vehicle to us. We, Harrow budget tyres , have got all the solutions to the problems related to car tyres Harrow.

Our experts want to tell the customers that it is not only the traction and grip that is offered by a good set of tyres, but tyres also help in the performance and the fuel efficiency of a car. When you come to us, we store tyres from brands like Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone, etc. that will help you with superb control and manoeuvrability on the roads of the UK.

In case, you are looking to buy new tyres in Harrow, you should know that there are basically three types of tyres that you can choose from, namely:

  • Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are specially designed to cater to the needs of dry and hot weather. The tyres are made of a rubber compound that is harder in structure and offers exceptional control while taking turns at high speeds on a dry road.

  • Winter Tyres

The tyres are known for their unique tread design that gives the best control on the snow-laden road. It becomes difficult to drive on the streets when the temperature seeps below the 7-degree Celsius because of ‘Black Ice’ on the road. Winter tyre, due to its softer rubber and special tread consisting of smaller grooves called sipes, maintains the grip of the highest level.

  • All-Season Tyres

The trade-off between the performance of summer tyres and the grip of the winter tyres is the all-season tyres. All season tyres are a preferable choice when the temperature generally does not reach the extremes.

Tyres according to the needs of the vehicle

It is not always the weather according to which the tyres are classified. Many kinds of tyres that are available in the market today.

  • Performance Tyres

The tyres are specially made to offer the performance that is promised by a car manufacturer. When installed, the tyres will help you much with the acceleration and the speed of a car. That is why all performance tyres are also known for providing excellent cornering and steering while making tight turns.

  • 4X4 Tyres

If you own an SUV, you would know how challenging it is to maintain the gripping of the tyres in the off-road conditions. The tyres for SUV have deeper tread for better gripping along with grooves specially designed to perform in the wet as well as dry conditions.

  • Run-Flat Tyres

It is a nuisance to meet with a puncture in the middle of nowhere, and therefore Run-flat tyres were invented. They are capable of running efficiently for around 50 miles without any difficulty after encountering a considerable size of puncture.

If you have made up your mind on what tyres will suit your vehicle the best, then don't miss out the chance of great discounts on tyres, here at Harrow budget tyres . You can also buy your own set of car tyres harrow online with us, and we will get them delivered to you in a matter of a few days.

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