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Goodyear Tyres

    Before becoming an ace tyre manufacturer, Goodyear tyres discovered something that would change the tyre industry forever. Charles Goodyear was the person who discovered the vulcanisation of rubber. With his idea, Frank Seiberling founded the rubber and tyre company and named it after him. Today, Goodyear tyres can be found in almost all countries around the globe. Goodyear has also been known for investing in a number of subsidiaries, of which Dunlop and Debica Tyres are the most prominent ones.

    Goodyear tyres are known for coming up with the concept of tubeless tyres back in 1903. They’re also known for introducing nylon tyres in 1947 and run-on-flat tyres for Chevrolet Corvette in 1992. We, at Harrow Budget Tyres, firmly believe in the technology and research abilities of Goodyear tyres just like their numerous other customers around the world.

    If you’re still looking for more reasons to trust the brand, let us help you here as well.

    What does Goodyear have to offer?

    The quality standards of Goodyear tyres are generally kept higher than their competition, which in turn, helps in providing a higher grade of tyres. A 360-degree check-up is conducted to ensure that there is no area that goes unchecked. This also helps in spotting the glitches that might’ve made their way through the manufacturing process and managed to stay hidden and be a part of the final product. Conducting a check at this stage helps them avoid tyres with such irregularities from being sent out. Goodyear also ensures that the final product coincides with the guidelines provided by the EU tyre labels, the main components of which are fuel efficiency, wet grip, and extra rolling noise.

    Goodyear tyres have also been known for their extensive research and development, and the technological advancements that their facilities make every year. Some of which are:

  • Sound-Comfort Technology: This technological advancement helped them reduce the internal vehicle noise level by 50%.
  • Seal Tech: The seal technology is still in its early years of discovery, but can still automatically seal a puncture of around 5mm in diameter.
  • Tall and Narrow: Tyres manufactured with this technology are tall in height and narrower in cross-sectional width. Tall tyres provide less rolling resistance which, in turn, increases the fuel efficiency. Tall tyres are also known for lesser tread wear because of the reduced rolling resistance. Narrower tyres are known for providing better aerodynamics.
  • Goodyear tyres are the official partner for one of the elite football clubs in Bundesliga, FC Bayern Munich. Companies like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Bentley, Ford, Land Rover etc. trust Goodyear tyres as much as to equip their cars with their tyres and be a part of their original equipment. Goodyear is also the most trusted tyre brand for tyre supplies for Ford Car Company.

    Goodyear has one of the most efficient customer feedback systems, as they’re very serious about their customer feedback. The customers have recommended the tyres as 97% buy again, 91% for dry grip, 87% for comfort and 87% for wet gripping. Now, who wouldn’t want to go with something that has such high customer ratings?

    If you are planning to buy a great set of tyres, we are just the people you need. Visit us at Harrow Budget Tyres, and you can choose from our latest collection of Goodyear Tyres. Not only will you find the best set of tyres for your car here, but also go home with pieces of advice on how to take care of your car and maintain its performance.

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