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Continental Tyres

    Continental Tyres is a daughter company of the business giant known as Continental AG, which is located in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. Primarily known for dealing with rubbers, Continental AG was founded in 1871. The moment the company set their foot in the tyre industry, they made sure that they made a dent, and that people knew who was in the game now.

    The experience of 140 years in the rubber industry and their knowledge about rubber and its compositions helped them rise above others in no time. Other big names of the tyre manufacturing industry that were soon out-shined by Continental were Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli.

    The company also decorates itself with the achievement of being the first one to introduce tyre treads. Tyre treads are the single most prominent aspect of a tyre that provides traction and grip when driven. There are a number of innovations, today, that aim at improving grip with treads. Continental Tyres took the initiative of minimizing the death toll due to road accidents. This initiative later got to be known as “vision zero”. Vision Zero focuses on reducing the number of deaths happening due to tyre faults and failures to an absolute zero.

    This is also why they’re prominently known for their innovations, quality and their amazing safety standards. We, at Harrow Budget Tyres, have a wide range of the latest Continental tyres that you can choose from for your car.

    Why Continental Tyres?

    Continental Tyres are the ones to be credited for discovering tyre tread. In 1904, the idea was thought of and it has been evolving ever since. Innovators don’t fall back on something they thought of. Thus, Continental Tyres are the first choice when it’s safety that we’re talking about.

    The braking distance of Continental Tyres is unmatched as well. The tyres of these veterans have a lesser braking distance than what any other tyre brand has to offer in a similar range. You can relax and feel free to use them in any weather conditions.

    The quality of these tyres can also be reassured by the fact that car manufacturing giants like Porsche, Ford, BMW, Honda, etc. use them as their original equipment. Continental tyres top the list of original equipment providers in Europe. Also, Continental ranks fourth in tyre manufacturing. These facts are more than enough to help you understand the company’s stand.

    A company that has an annual revenue of €44.550 billion never forgets the small details of tyre production. They know how important weather conditions are for tyres. Therefore, they design different tyres for different regions of a country. Leaving it on luck isn’t what Continental Tyres believe in, thus, they aim to ensure that their customers are safe at all times and luck favours them as well.

    We, at Harrow Budget Tyres, have one of the widest collection of the latest Continental tyres. You can check them out at our garage and buy at a very genuine cost. Our professionals also provide several other services and pieces of advice to help you maintain your car and prevent any reduction in its performance.

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