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Hankook Tyres

    It was in 1941 in Korea. A company sowed the seed of its vision with the objective of making the lives of its people better. What did it plan to do? Chosun Tyre Company, the first automotive tyre company of Korea planned to deliver the best products with the highest quality while taking good care of its employees. The long term goal was to become a hotspot centre for employees as well as customers. When the brand initially started off, Korea was a war-torn country. The industry was scarce and the possibility of running a company successfully was even more scarce.

    While the 40s were tough times, Hankook maintained its foot and prevented perishing from the market. It is to note within the next two decades, the company changed the face of the Korean Automotive Industry. Hankook eventually became a landmark where people wanted to reach. It was like a reference point. Its highest priorities were technological investment and quality management. The company was the first one to develop winter, tubeless, and radial tyres for passenger cars in Korea. The time after that was spent in considerable research and development initiatives. A technological research centre was established in Daejeon in 1982. It has been a long road since.

    Today, the company stands tall with a variety of high-quality tyres. Hankook offers tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. Tyre models like Ventus R-s3 (Z222) and OPTIMO ME02 (K424) have penetrated the automotive markets like never before. Ventus R-s3 (Z222) is an extreme ultra-high performance tyre with excellent lap times exceeding the competition. It also has high-grip steering. The performance of the tyre is up to the mark. OPTIMO ME02 (K424) is equipped with a new technology compound that has been applied to improve traction performance. These two, and all other tyre models from Hankook are worth trying.

    Harrow Budget Tyres has stacked its stock with high-quality Hankook tyres. We place our trust in this brand and suggest our customers to give it a chance. Hankook is a living example of hard work and success. Remember, it is the idea that validates the quality of a product. What is the idea of Hankook? We know that it is perfect.

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