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Dunlop Tyres

    The foundation laid down by John Boyd Dunlop has finally taken his desired form in the 21st century. After completing almost a decade in the industry, Dunlop tyres have made a name for themselves. These tyres speak for themselves, all thanks to their exquisite designs and product quality. We, at Harrow Budget Tyres, have been a part of the extended family of Dunlop tyres. We have almost all their products available at our garage.

    When you choose a Dunlop tyre set for your car, you become part of an extended family. Some other members of this family are Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, and BMW. These automotive giants equip their cars with Dunlop tyres as a part of their original equipment (OE).

    Dunlop was one of the first companies that came up with the idea of pneumatic tyres, and has evolved ever since. The market demands new tyres with better abilities and performance levels. This is a major reason for the company to invest in research and development extensively, and come up with better tyres.

    What does Dunlop have to offer?

    Excellence is the target for the experts at Dunlop tyres, and they settle for nothing less. Hard work is the key to better performance, and the experts here make sure they put in every bit of effort they can. They have a goal to achieve in the future, and they work extensively to achieve it.

    While other companies were stalling behind, Dunlop was on its way to success. Their investment in research and development helped them come up with some of the best innovations. Specific bead system, noise cancellation, dual-silica compound and Run on flat tyres are some ideas that were results of their research.

    You can thank Dunlop for the tread pattern on your tyres as they were the first to understand the concept of aquaplaning. Thanks to them the tyre industry doesn’t have just one tread pattern. Each company has unique designs for their tyres, and they’re still coming up with even better ones.

    One thing that Dunlop never compromises on, is the quality of their products. They won’t offer you anything that doesn’t meet the standards of their company. The final product undergoes a 360 round check to ensure the quality standards, and also to ensure that the tyre fulfils the promises that Dunlop makes.

    We’re sure that by now you know what all goes into making tyres and how there is more to it than what it seems. The hard work and dedication of the professionals at Dunlop are unrivalled. We, at Harrow Budget Tyres, trust the company and their products as if we were trusting ourselves. Visit us and check out the variety of tyres that we have to offer. You can find a variety of tyres for all types of cars at a budget price, while the substantial advice that comes along is free for you. Not only will you have long-lasting tyres, but also tips on how you can make them last for a longer period.

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